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N which Artur is performing with his bandJerzy is his older brother and he is approaching the stage to try and get and he is approaching the stage to try and get sibling to stop his performanceTheir father has died and they go to his apartment where they find little of interest at first glance in spite of the alarm systemThere are also bars at the windows and they are puzzled by the precaution that is not justified by the apparent lack of valuablesThey find a collection of stamps and Jerzy takes three with Zeppelins for his son who loves airplanes but without much ZestBut When Artur Takes The when Artur takes the to the union of stamp collectors they find that they have a fortune on their handsOne stamp can buy a Fiat another one is enough for an apartment and the whole is estimated at millions of zlotyNevertheless the president of this Collectors Union emphasizes that their father had dedicated his whole life to these uniue stampsAnd somehow the sons get addicted and start on the path wherein one of them is ready to give an organ for a valuable piece of paperThe message sent by this commandment is similar to the rule that Positive Psychology established and which says Do not compare yourself with others In some works it is if you do compare with those who have much less perhaps the refugees from Syria Each of them was really uniue while expressing the usual life I just couldn t make connection with the fifth commandment The Decalogue Dekalog The Ten Commandments Krzysztof Kie lowski Dekalog is a 1989 Polish drama series of films directed by Krzysztof Kie lowski for television and co written by Kie lowski with Krzysztof Piesiewicz with music by Zbigniew Preisner It consists of ten one hour films inspired by the decalogue of the Ten Commandments Each short film explores characters facing one or several moral or ethical dilemmas as they live in an austere housing project in 1980 s Poland 2005 Dekalog Episode 2 written by Krzysztof Kieslowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz directed by the formerA different version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at and is a fabulous seriesIt has been included on the list of best films including the one compiled by TIME Magazine The All TIME 100 movies the ten episodes of Dekalog are based on the Ten Commandments and the story lines refer to the Bible at least as pretext for the plot Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vainThis is the second commandment and the place to start in this narrative which has at the center a Woman Called Dorota GellerShe Is A Musician called Dorota GellerShe is a musician the PhilharmonicHer husband is very ill and she tried to find about his condition from the elderly doctor who is also their neighborThe doctor is rather morose unfriendly and detachedWe would later find there is a reason for this attitude and it has to do with a tragedy that has affected the life of the poor manDorota Geller calls at the door of the apartment Do you now me Yes you ran over my dog two years agoAfter this inauspicious de. ?ن‌های حضرت موسی را یافتلحن کتاب، بسیار زیبا بوده و در عین سلاست بیان، بسیار پخته است و تخیل خواننده به سادگی راه به منظور نویسنده خواهد بردکتاب دیالوگ محور است و البته این تعدد دیالوگ‌ها لطمه‌ای به روند داستان ن?. Dekalog Author Krzysztof KieślowskiWhat do I learned it s lifeit s the fucking lifethat s about it i got it for my birthdayit was really good 1 of the the greatest collection of films for my birthdayit was really good 1 of the the greatest collection of films made Kieslowski meditations on the ten commandments is a great set of morality plays A short film about love is a classic I am always reluctant to single out some particular feature of the work of a major filmmaker because it tends inevitably to simplify and reduce the work But in this book of screenplays by Krzysztof Kieslowski and his co author Krzysztof Piesiewicz it should not be out of place to observe that they have the very rare ability to dramatize their that they have the very rare ability to dramatize their rather than just talking about them By making their points through the dramatic action of the story they Gain The Added Power Of Allowing The the added power of allowing the to discover what s really going on rather than being told They do this with such dazzling skill you never see the ideas coming and don t realize until much later how profoundly they have reached your heartStanley KubrickJanuary 1991 Dekalog by Krzysztof KieslowskiAnother version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at and The Dekalog has been included by TIME Magazine on the list of Best All TIME 100 MoviesYou can find it here films in this series are so meaningful and thought provoking that I have decided to dedicate a note to at least a couple of the episodesIn the past few days I had the chance to watch episodes 9 and 10The series has 10 parts dedicated to the Ten Commandments Or better said based on themTo begin with I must state that I am not religiousI am trying to find the Absolute Truth God The Holy Grail or have some epiphany or a miracle that would wake me up perhaps in the manner of Jules from Pulp FictionDecalogue episode 9Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor s wife In this part of the narrative roman is the hero and he is married to Hanka the spouse that he loves very muchAlas at the start of the film he finds out that he is impotent and shares this with Hanka adding that she should take a loverWhich she does but in spite of his agreement Roman finds that he cannot bear the jealousy and nowing about their intimacyFurther he goes on to the place where they have their affair and waits on the steps listening in on their conversation on the phoneHe contemplates suicide while cycling near a bridge and when his wife invites the lover for a meeting Roman is in the apartmentFortunately for him Hanka is breaking up and tells the younger man that they will not see each other from then onAs the wife departs for a ski resort having mended their differences and talked about their love there are some cloudsRoman is suspicious again and confirms what John Milton wrote in Paradise Lost about the ways in which the mind works The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell a hell of heaven Decalogue episode 10Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor s goodsThis last installment begins near the stage of a rock concert فیلم نامه ده فرمانداستان‌ها الزاما دینی نیستند و مذهب نقش مهمی در داستان پردازی ایفا نکرده استیافتن ارتباط میان نام‌های فرامین و موضوع اپیزودها بسیار مشکل بوده و گاهی نمی‌توان منطق حاکم بر نام‌گذاری فیلم و فرم?.

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But to their miscommunication the two neighbors would gradually become friendlier but in the second half of this episodeThe distressed woman wants to now how serious is the condition of her husband only the doctor gives this information On Wednesday Between 3 And 5 In The Afternoon 3 and 5 in the afternoon is when I see the relatives of my patients But it is Monday Yes the day after tomorrow I wish I ran over you instead of your dogNotwithstanding this death wish Dorota Geller comes to the hospital to see her spouse and then tries again to engage With The DoctorShe Is the doctorShe is him a ride home in her VW Beetle but he refuses because he says he always walks homeThe musician is clearly haunted and finally gets invited to the apartment of the doctor where she explains her ordealDorota says that she must Mr. Jelly's Business know if her husband will die because she loves him but is also involved with a good friend I am pregnant and the child is not my husband s I see So I need tonow if he will live to determine if I will have an abortion It is impossible for me to sayI really do not 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, knowAnd then he elaborates on the situation which is probably where we get as close as possible to the second commandment for the doctor explains that he has seen cases where the patient recovered miraculously and others where someone died without warning so to sayThere is another stage where the doctor may seem to be playing God for he is assured now and he thinks henowsI will not say what to avoid spoilersBut whereas earlier on he refused a definite prognosis saying that although the situation is critical things could change at a later moment he has made up his mindThere are powerful and thought provoking scenesOne patient talks about coming from the other side and how The world was disintegratingHe now seems to be taking life as a miracle that does not stopIt reminds Me Of The Final Three Minutes In of the final three minutes in life of Fyodor Dostoyevsky The last minutes in the life of the Russian titan were regularly mentioned for the effect they had had on me and the emphasis which could be placed afterwards on enjoying life seeing as it is short what we see before death Dostoyevsky was condemned to death As he was facing the firing suad he thought he will divide the last three minutes intowell three The first minute will be used to place the whole life in front of his eyes from early childhood to death For the second minute the intention was to pass it saying goodbye to members of his family and friends The last minute he will admire a ray of sunshine that was looking wonderfully on a steep church tower nearbyThat is the amazing epiphany of the last moments before dying you can see only then alas how extremely beautiful life is and how you wish you lived on a bare rock in the middle of the ocean which would still be a billion times better than ending it and dying I measured the width of water but Decalogue The by Krzysztof Kie lowski from the libraryonly saw first three hours depressing. ?ده استدر هر داستان، اشاراتی هرچند کوتاه به سایر قسمت‌ها شده است و دقیق شدن در داستان این رازها و ارتباطات را آشکار می‌کندگرچه الزامی به درک این روابط برای خواننده وجود ندارد و تنها بازی نویسنده با هوش خواننده است.