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Nayakkar s contribution to olden roof for the temple in Trichy I Remembered Srirangam Temple Where Srirangam temple where were statues of a nayakkar and his family workshipping Lord Renganathar Trichy I remembered Srirangam temple where there were statues of a nayakkar and his family workshipping Lord Renganathar I didn t remember the name of the nayakkar and also didn t know whether the The Million Dollar Goal golden roof in Srirangam temple was the contribution of Viswanatha Nayakkar So started digging details from wikipedia This resulted in continuous research for various details provided in this book Also I have lined up many books for further readings Any book which induce me to learn is a worthy book in my mindThe author introduced innumerable characters There were many real characters which I could find in wikipedia meaning real people In the start when I read about few characters I was like Oh this person isoing to be the important character in this book But that character died within few pages and few characters were introduced The same pattern continues throughout the book and slowly I was unable to distinguish between real and fictional people Took me a while to understand that it is the author s style to tell the story through these characters instead of third party narration After that I didn t Securing Caite give much importance to the names but to what these characters are saying in the bookThe historical information that I found fascinating albeit very depressing in some instances to read are1 The destruction of the castle wallfortress to expand Madurai how various castestribes maintained their history by worshipping their elders through oral tradition of singing stories and teaching the stories to their descendants how the wall contained various memory stones to commemorate their warriors efforts in protecting Madurai and how the British person Blackburn realize his mistake in not understanding this oral tradition and foriving order for the destruction of the fortress to expand Madurai The first break in this book for me to Trudy get hooked into reading further The author s narration is so beautiful2 The construction of infrastructure of course all the infrastructure planned by British built by Indians were for their benefit only No illusion whatsoever that they did for India s benefit Did not know the story of pamban bridge construction until this book Author described mainly the sacrifices made by so many Indians so heart wrenching in building this bridge and how this infrastructure helped reduce the time of the ships to reach India and thereby save a lot of money for them Many roadways highways post offices and warehouses were built to increase their profits only3 Introduction of police and judiciary system some things we take forranted I know that British introduced these systems however didn t thought of the problems when a new system introduced The British were highly outrageous that the security provided by them could not match the outstanding security provided by thaathanur people Therefore their iron clad suppression and later destruction of kutraparamparai community through various devious methods is the crux of the story4 Various pandemics in the late 19th century I don t remember reading about these pandemics in any other book first time again with this book These pandemics and the resulting poverty resulted in lot of migration of Indian people to Srilanka Burma and other countries 5 Periyar river diversion to Vaigai river I wonder whether this inter basin transfer of river would have happened if not for the britishers Even if it is for their selfish purpose still amazed at this achievement and how people benefitted from this The current overnment can learn from this to divert anges to prevent flooding in some districtsstates and draught in some other districtsThankfully I read the other people s reviews after I finished reading this book Some were truly harsh I am The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss glad I read this book despite the cons mentioned early in this review Before starting to read this book I had an idea about this book that it is a novel by SVenkatesan that has been awarded the Sahitya Academy Award and that it describes the history of Piramalai Kallars a warrior tribe based in Southern districts of Tamilnadu especially around Madurai But on reading the book I lost myself the idea that it was a fictitious novel but that it is the record of the history of Madurai and its suburbs As a native of Madurai I had a natural inclination towards its history I had already read the book by AKiParanthamanar named Madurai Nayakkar Varalaru which was written in a style of History First half of this novel has inherited the history of Madurai from the fall of Pandiya dynasty to the invasion of muslim rulers then the retrieval of the city kingdom by the Vijayanagar chieftain Viswanatha Nayakkar from the book Madhurai Nayakkar Varalaru But this novel has dramatized the historical events and made the reading a pleasure and to complete the first half at aalloping speed The events leading to the accession of Viswanatha Nayak to the throne of Madurai Kingdom is elaborated in a fitting manner explaining the loyalty of Viswanatha to Krishna Devaraya the monarch of Vijayanagara The incidents at the war fields during the Nayak dynasty in Madurai with the help of Poligars palaykkaarar is explained beautifully The second part explains the downfall of Nayak rule after Thirumalai Nayak another famous Nayak who awarded the rights of uarding Madurai and suburbs to a tribe called Pi. ?க்கையும் ஆயுதபலமும் கொண்ட மேய்ச்சல் நில மக்களான தெலுங்கு நாயக்கர்களும் சிறிய எண்ணிக்கையில் திருட்டை தொழிலாகக் கொண்ட கள்ளர்களும் எப்படி ஒருவருடன் ஒருவர் மோதி சமரசம் செய்து கொள்கிறார்கள் என்பதை அடிப்படையாகக் கொண்டு அமைந்த நாவல் இது தவிர ஆங்கா?.

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Kaaval Kottam Why it deserves the likes of a Man BookerA must read book for anyone interested in knowing the likes of a Man BookerA must read book for anyone interested in knowing the history of beautiful Madurai and the past of caste system in Tamil NaduThis novel runs through the period starting from the Nayakar occupation of Madurai till it falls in to the hands of British and in to the 1930 s It has a shocking narrative of the oppression of a particular community in TN and also clearly depicts the social standing of every other community occupying today s TNThis novel particularly shook me and changed the way i look at Madurai forever Its particularly appealing when someone from Madurai reads it Imagine how it Is When The Origin Of when the origin of place where you reside or work or the little restaurant you usually eat Is Accurately Detailed To End In A accurately detailed to end in a like this I found most places mentioned in the book which are now tucked away in nooks and corners in the old city found the factual place of the old fort walls the ramayanam chavadi and much planning an expedition along the madakulam kanmai soonHow far someone from elsewhere could understand the places and other historical people mentioned in the book is up to the person themselvesThe book has become kind of a comforter to mei read a few random pages when i feel bad or happy or whenever i feel like reading itThank you Venkatesan for writing such a wonderful novel and for shedding so much light and life in to the history of Madurai which i love so much How far people have one to underestimate and under depict and treat certain communities shows the crookedness of human minds through the centuries This could certainly be understood in this bookI will say that this book surely deserves even a Man Booker if it had been in English I ll say this because I ve been reading all the Booker winners every year Anyone who have read this will acknowledge this fact I picked this book after reading the authors recent work Vel Paari Being mesmerized with his writing I wanted to take this as my next read since it has acuired the Sahithya Academy Award 2011Here are my views on Kaaval KottamTheft and watch are the two eyes for the people of Thathanur imaginary village They have acuired the honour of night watch in the historical city of Madurai Tamilnadu India during the reign of Nayaks in 17th century The novel narrates briefly the history of Madurai post Pandyas in the first 200 pages which is really very tiresome This makes the first part iving the feel of reading a history document where we barely remeber most of the names or incidents From the second part it ets into the life of Kallars Can be directly translated in English as Thieves The incidentscharacters which were in first part are playing a major role in the next parts to understandjustify the decisions taken by Kallars They live a life of Prisoner of Midnight glory before the British rule in India Later the novel ends with the fall of the community before the Criminal Tribes Act CT ActThe novel is worth reading due to the way it portrays the culture of then Madurai How the clan was born the ancestors became Gods Sadachi Karuppu etc In short this is a record of rise and fall of a community who believed theft and watch are twin brothers who can t be seperated this book tells about the madurai peoples culture at the year of 1310 1910 600 years old amazing 425 stars Supposed to be a BR with multiple people In the end Abi and I read together We decided to read this book after reading the author s other book Velpari which we enjoyed so muchThis is the only book where I have done so much research while reading the book I amoing to list the pros and cons first before BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. going into full blown reviewPros1 The historical information though can t figure out truth from fiction mentioned in this book alone is worth reading this book Details later2 Uniue style of writing of the author which I haven t experienced before Took me a while to understand around 45% into the book Author narrated this book and moved along through various stories of the people So it is like reading about innumerable characters After I understood I started enjoyed this style3 I like some of the narrations of the author about dark though I wish the author would refrain from overdoing just because he like it very much Too much of anything is notoodCons minus 075 stars because of these1 The book is imbalanced in my opinion The first 400 years or so of the history is very rushed and not explained properly which throw a reader bewildered and wonder whether to continue Whereas the story of thaathanur people is so repetitively explained that a reader felt frustrated and exhausted in reading these repetitions2 The title shows that the book is about kutraparamparai a community of people engaged in security or theft as there is only thin line between these two Because of the repetitions or because I felt that there is a blackmail pay fee for providing security or otherwise your Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor goods will be stolen whether by the sameroup who engage in security or let other roup because it is not their job I didn t feel engaged in their story3 the liberal use of swear words by the author utterly disgustingBack to pros especially about the historical information provided by the author in this bookAs I mentioned I did a lot of research while reading the book and also benefitted from Abi s research and her professional experience When I read about Viswanatha. 2011 ஆம் ஆண்டுக்கான சாகித்திய அகாதமி விருது வழங்கப்பட்ட இவரது காவல் கோட்டம் நூல் நாயக்கர் ஆட்சி களத்தில் தொடங்கி 20 ஆம் நூற்றாண்டின் முற்பகுதி வரை நீள்கிறது இந்த புதினம் மதுரை அருகே தாதனூர் எனும் கிராமத்தில் நடைபெறுவதாக அமைகிறது பெருந்திரளான எண்ண?. காவல் கோட்டம்

Su. Venkatesan ´ 5 review

Ramalai Kallars living in Thadhatnur a fictitious village created in the imaginations of the author Though the name of the village was fictitious the incidents that are explained by the author from the raise to fall of the tribe are supported by documentary evidences collected by the author painstakingly for a period of about ten years The records collected are evidenced at suitable places in the novel as letters shot from one officer to the other of the East India Company administratos and during the British Rule The excesses committed by the Kallars in collecting the Kaval coolie Fee for uarding and in case somebody refuses to pay it how they venged them fearfully by committing murders and resorting to robbery The author has opined that the tribe is not the people of Tamilnadu but the descendants of the ruthless Kalbhras who ruled Tamilnadu during 2 3 centuries BC The actions taken by the British Raj to curtail the activities of the Kallars is explained at the last chapters and in this attempt all the persons belonging to that community were either killed or were removed to the reformation camps The novel ends with the destruction or disappearance of the community from the scenario The historical events and the story telling style of the author makes it easier for a reader to complete the book containing about 1050 pages of smaller fonts in a shorter period It took hardly ten days for me to complete the entire book It is sad that the author has not brought any other book so far What can I say about this book Surely one of the best ever Tamil books Story of Madurai told with respect to the security system of the city Simply the best I rate this book below only to the legendary Ponniyin Selvan This book is a roller coaster of sorts There are chapters which I felt like I want to be just done with it and there are chapters which 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, gave meoosebumps Probably making the book a few chapters less would have made the book even better That being said the book is still a masterpieceThis is not the first history book I am reading But this book is uniue in the way that the author decided to present the facts Its a work of fiction with history sprinkled in So it s up to you to believe in what you want That s a nice move from the author especially with authors like Perumal Murugan Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı getting into trouble for their booksThe author made me fall in love with Madurai How much it has changed in all these centuries The best thing I loved about this book is how history is mostly not about the rulers of the place but about the people of the place I can t stop comparing it with Ivory Throne the last history I book I had read which speaks all about the rulers of Travancore but very rarely about their subjectsThis bookives a lot of things to ponder upon For instance there is a scene where an old lady narrates to the youngsters of her village how she had asked for what s called a modern day divorce because of her husbands impotency and how she had married thrice and found the love of her life I don t think in today s married thrice and found the love of her life I don t think in today s society its possible to marry thrice and live life without being looked down by othersBe it the cover image be it the scene where the Madurai fort is broken down the author was done some extensive research After reading this book my look on South Tamil society is never oing to be done some extensive research After reading this book my look on South Tamil society is never oing to be sameThe book mentions a lot of small villages and places in and around Madurai It would be better to arrange a Kaval Kottam tour like the already existing Ponninyin Selvan tour Would love to know the placesThere were some words which I didn t understand For instance the word mallu vetti Google still is not so The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River good in vernacular languages toive the right response to these words So I had to move with my assumptions of meanings for that word Have to buy a Tamil dictionary soonOverall the book is a must read if you want to understand the life of Mukulathor folks around Madurai I am not from this caste and my respect for them has increased multifold after reading this book It is hard to write about a book of 1000 pages It is also a sin not to write about a book with such history and vast array of stories Definitely a different kind of novel written in Tamil All the characters that you will ever THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy get attached to is Madurai and Thathanoor It travels like a blood travels in a body The blood is called Stories Our history is stories our stories are our history People are historians and history is made up of the very people who records it Venkatesanreatfully captured all these and presented it as a slice of life It cant be categorized as just records n documents also not a entire ficition This type of writing itself is new for me and it is also interesting and fresh Well words coming out may be a tamil blog It is wonderful historic novel about Madurai region of Tamilnadu The Novel simply narrating life of the Kallar community and other people around Madurai district While reading this novel I some time felt reading a History text book but that was not a negative aspect about the novel in fact it was very interesting Great Salute to Su Venkatesan for his wonderful novel for bringing last 400 years in front of our eyes I could also understand the magnitude of work put by Su Venkatesan to write this wonderful novel and this work is like building a temple by a single man and Su Venkatesan has succeeded it Madurai 600 years histor. ??்கே மதுரை நகரின் வரலாற்றை கூறவது போலவும் உள்ளதுEnglish DescriptionThe novel begins with Malik Kafur’s southern campaign the subseuent take over of the city by Vijayanagar kings and finally the BritishThe novel deals with the uniue security system prevailed in Madurai Fort before it was demolished by the British for the purpose of expanding the cityThe British defeated the security uards and lodged them in a camp in Gudalur Cumbum Valley after declaring them as Notified Community After independence they were denotified The novel is also known for its strong women characters.